Today, HDI published the first in a series of four briefs based on its 2012 HDI Desktop Support Practices & Salary Report. Using data collected from technical service and support industry professionals, the “Staffing Desktop Support” brief gives benchmarks for tech support staffing ratios as a “starting point for making sound staffing decisions for desktop support.”  

Anyone with experience in tech support knows that variables in industry, size and requirements make it impossible to determine a magical “tech to device” or “tech to end-user” ratio that works for all organizations. With this in mind, HDI outlines four key factors to consider when making staffing decisions for your support team:

  • Breadth – How does the size of a business impact staffing?
  • Scope – How does the overall scope of support affect the number of employees?
  • Model – Which model does the organization favor: blended support or support silos?
  • Focus – How does a strong technical or customer service focus impact staffing?

Walking through each point, the report shares results based on the aggregated survey data, giving managers an idea of common staffing ratios based on where a company falls in each of the four factors listed above. For example, the data results show that “as the number of people or devices needing support increases, the number of desktop support analysts increases at a reduced rate.” This means, on average, small organizations support 313 devices per technician, while technicians at large organizations support as many as 800 devices. The report also shares results such as the average number of end users per technician, number of tickets closed by technicians per month, the breakdown of organizations by support model and more.

The report also touches on how the use of self-service and automation tools, such as remote support, can significantly increase productivity for desktop support technicians and a business’s support model as a whole.

While each organization is different, the information found in the report gives desktop support managers a benchmark to compare their current staffing with the survey results to ascertain just how near or far they fall from their peers.

The “Staffing Desktop Support” brief is available to HDI members only, or a complimentary copy can be downloaded from Bomgar here.