Deploying a Bomgar Button gives your customers a quicker way to request support.
Bomgar Buttons are a desktop icon and can be installed on Windows,Mac,and Linux computers.Bomgar Buttons can be deployed from the Representative Console or from the administrative interface. The Bomgar Button installs on the desktop of the user who is currently logged in at the time of installation.

With 10.5 you can also customize or brand the default Bomgar Button for your own organization and deploy the Button to BlackBerry devices.  You can use the Bomgar Button mass installer from the /login interface and deploy the Button to many computers, as well as create your own desktop icon to be used.  Below is the configuration>Bomgar Button Mass Deployment and Profile Screen, with a customized Help Desk icon.


The Bomgar Button does NOTmaintain a connection to the Bomgar Appliance but rather provides a customer-initiated method to join the queue for a previously defined representative or team, or enter a session key or even enter an issue.  The way some organizations use the Bomgar Button today is to pre-install the Button on every supported user’s desktop. This has been especially helpful using Bomgar to support users whose jobs are not technical in nature. 

You can also utilize the Bomgar Button Interface from the Rep Console, if privileges are set, to view details regarding Bomgar Buttons deployed, such as who deployed the Button, when it was last used, etc.
Some questions to consider before installing a Bomgar Button.  Would it be easier for my customers to just click on a desktop icon for remote support? Would this reduce the time it takes to even start a support session or a chat session with a customer? How should the Button be preconfigured? Should it start a session with a specific team/queue or should the customer have to enter a session key or issue? Below is an example of what your customer could see when clicking on  a customized Bomgar Button.