It’s no secret. I have a fun job. As Bomgar’s Social Media Manager, I get to do what I love the most, which is interact with our customers. I constantly get to think of fun, new ways to “talk” to them online and, better yet, reward our most loyal fans.  It is this part of my job which found me in Dublin, Ohio at the end of last month with the CareWorks Infrastructure team.

As the grand-prize winners of our Bomgar Birthday Bash contest, the CareWorks team won a visit from and lunch with Bomgar Founder and CEO, Joel Bomgar.  Visiting with the CareWorks team was a great reminder of just why we all love to work for Bomgar: We have awesome customers.  From the moment we arrived our contest winners were all smiles and welcomes. Not only did they warmly greet our team, they took as many pictures and videos as we did! 

After Joel gave them an insider’s look at the origins and strategy of Bomgar, we bestowed orange swag upon all – including Bomgar beach chairs, tumblers, t-shirts, coolers and jump drives.  And that wasn’t all. We next awarded their fearless leader, Bob Jennings, a trip for two to meet the whole Bomgar entire Bomgar team at Disney World this October!  Oh yeah, and some monogrammed Mickey Mouse ears.

Next we all piled into a stretch hummer limo which taxied us to lunch, where we all feasted on Mexican cuisine and an unmentionable number of chips.  Breaking all IT stereotypes, each guy on the team was friendly, social and engaging.  I got to talk to Don about Game of Thrones and World War Z and Scott about war history.  Bob is an avid traveler and David is a documenter extraordinaire who took more pictures than I did.  And that was just on one end of the table!

Later that afternoon as we left the CareWorks building, there was consensus among the Bomgar folks that we couldn’t have had a more fun team win our Bomgar Birthday Bash and that, yes, we do indeed have the best customers.  Which is further proved by this video the CareStream team sent earlier this week.

Viva les Bomgardians.