Did you know about the create custom audit views and reports feature in the PowerBroker Auditor for Active Directory solution? Even though there are already around 200 built-in audit views that ship with the product organizations need to be able to target specific information for their environment and the task that is at hand. Needless to say, so they don’t have time to wade through reams of result data to find the information they need. What is it? – Operations management, security and compliance officers or internal and external auditors have a multitude of differing reporting needs that continually evolve. PowerBroker Auditor for AD provides a simple and quick wizard-based approach to creating interactive audit views or reports of the collected audit information. Audit views provide filtering that can be combined to show only relevant information based on any combination of the following criteria: Who – Accounts making the changes
  • Can be filtered down to individual accounts
  • Exclusions can be set to show changes by anyone other than the desired accounts
What – Actions associated with objects / attributes
  • Create, modify, delete move and rename actions can be filtered individually or in any combination on one or more object types
  • Modifications can be set down to one or more attributes
Where – Locations in the environment
  • Scope to specific areas such as an OU or filter down to an individual object in the directory
When – Timeframe for view
  • Filter based on time criteria between desired dates and even exact times
Schedule – Output audit view to a report
  • For view information that is required on a regular basis automate the creation of reports in PDF or XML for Excel
Why is it important?
  • Automate the creation of reports that only contain the desired information
  • Simple and efficient to use
A straight forward wizard based process makes it easy to target the views and reports. See below. New-Audit-Review-screenshot Interested in learning more? Schedule a demo of PowerBroker Auditor for Active Directory today!