In a world of evolving technology and mobile workplaces, the need for remote support is more critical than ever. Meeting this need can be a challenge. With a market that’s flooded with numerous remote support solutions, it can be hard to differentiate the good from the bad. Additionally, with a security breach happening just about every day, providing secure remote support has become a top of mind issue for many organizations.

Since its National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we wanted to highlight the security features of Bomgar’s suite of solutions. Bomgar Remote Support allows you to provide remote assistance securely through firewalls to any remote desktop, server, POS system, or mobile device. Between its ease of use, reliability, integration options, and unmatched security, Bomgar is the remote support solution that can help keep your organization running.

Security is something we take seriously, especially in today’s breach-ridden world. Here are the security features that set Bomgar Remote Support apart from all other solutions today:

  • Architecture – Bomgar is designed to make remote support secure. We provide each customer a segmented, single-tenant environment via a physical, virtual or cloud appliance. Bomgar works through firewalls without VPN tunneling, so your perimeter security can remain intact. All session traffic is encrypted, and Bomgar logs and records each remote session for a detailed audit trail.
  • Authentication – Most remote support solutions require you to create support rep accounts manually, with passwords that only apply to remote support. Bomgar integrates with existing directory services (LDAPS, Kerberos, Smart Card, RADIUS) so that if you change a support rep’s account in Active Directory, it is automatically reflected in Bomgar.
  • Access Controls – Many remote support products are all or nothing when it comes to access, leaving your reps with either full access or no access. Bomgar offers more than 50 separate permissions so that you can fine tune settings to provide each rep with the exact level of access needed to do their job.
  • Audit – With Bomgar, all session activity is logged at the appliance. You know who connected to whom, when the session occurred and everything that happened during the session.  The full video recordings are available on the appliance should any questions or issues arise.

How important is remote support security to your organization? What industry standards does Bomgar keep your company in compliance with? Let us know in the comments below!