I’m very excited to be highlighting Shane Fontenot as our next Community Spotlight guest.  If you’re a member of the Bomgar Community, you are sure to recognize Shane’s name.  He’s been our top contributor for a very long time, and no one has been able to dethrone him!

Even before we had a Community, Shane Fontenot was a familiar name around the Bomgar office.  Shane has been using Bomgar since before it was called Bomgar – back in the NetworkStreaming days.  Shane is the Systems Administrator at ACME Truck Line, Inc., and was the contact for one of Bomgar’s first case studies.

Liz Richardson: Which title do you prefer? Techie, IT Pro, Support Warrior?
Shane Fontenot: I would have to say Techie.  IT Pro I am, but I tend to be modest.  Support Warrior also especially on weekends and when I'm on call. 

LR: How long have you been helping the less “technology knowledgeable” crowd?
SF: Since '91 when I got my first computer.  A 386/SX 16.  My mom has always been my biggest client. And yes, I do charge her.  At a discounted rate of course.  But the Bomgar sessions are free.

LR: Which types of devices do you find yourself supporting these days?
SF: We support a number of devices nowadays.  As far as mobile devices go we support iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, and we are testing with the iPad.  We just moved to Exchange 2010 which allows us to use Outlook Anywhere.  So any user that has OWA enabled, we can set them up with Exchange settings on just about any device.

LR: As a support pro, what is the hardest challenge with which you’ve been faced and how were you able to overcome it? 
SF: My biggest challenge with ACME Truck Line was to restructure our Active Directory users and groups.  Our intranet was soon going to pull data based on who's logged in to our internal website, which needed to be structured by Areas, Offices, and Departments.  At the same time we were restructuring AD I also had to configure GPO's to work with users and computers.

LR: Do you primarily use Bomgar to support internal employees or external customers or both?
SF: We use it to support both.  We have what we call 'company terminals' that are connected to our domain by a Cisco VPN device.  All of our remote users connect to us with the Cisco VPN client software.  We use Bomgar to get on an external user’s computer in order to setup the VPN client software, email, and intranet site.

LR: If you could choose one Bomgar feature and function that you just couldn’t live without, which would it be?
SF: PRIVACY SCREEN!!!  I say that because our users just love to "help us" after they call about a problem.  We get on the pc and it's like they just totally forgot that we are working on it.  Helloooo, you asked us to fix your issue.  Is now not a good time?  I just wish Bomgar would allow us (the 'owners' of the PC's that is) to block keyboard and mouse control of the remote user as well.

LR: Do you have any tips for running a help desk or support center that have made your work easier?
SF: We are a small IT shop.  Around 500-600 devices to manage.  Keeping accurate inventory of all those devices has always been a challenge.  I'm a big supporter of Spiceworks and am an active community member as well.  We are able to use Spiceworks’ Inventory and Help Desk ticketing system plus tons more features that makes our job much easier.  You can click on my signature in the Community to learn more about it.

LR: What is your favorite tech gadget of all time so far?
SF: I would have to say my favorite gadget of all time is my XBOX 360.  I'm a huge Netflix junkie, and a gamer occasionally.

LR: If you could create the ultimate tool to make your job easier, what would it be?
SF: I would love to be able to send a special action "attention getter" through the Bomgar console to the user on the other end.  Maybe something like from the movie "Smokie and the Bandit" where Sheriff Bufford T. Justice gives that kid a swift kick in the B-hind on the side of the road.  That's all I ask.  Yes, that would make my job easier. On a more serious note, I would love to see Bomgar bring back or actually implement vPro access from the rep console.

LR: If you had a support professional motto, what would it be?
SF: I have always used a quote from Benjamin Franklin which is: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  That just fits everything IT.  Be proactive rather than wait around for something to happen when you KNOW it's going to happen.  I've learned it's best to look ahead before something happens rather than correct it after a failure.