Security professionals and organizational leaders don’t purchase cybersecurity solutions just to have the “next big thing”. These solutions are brought into their environment to mitigate cybersecurity risk and protect their most valuable assets. So, when the protection of your critical assets hangs in the balance, how do you know that the solution you are about to invest in is secure? One option is extensive independent testing. This is resource intensive and expensive. Who wants to invest the time or budget for that? Fortunately, there is an easier solution supported by companies dedicated to helping customers quickly identify independently verified secure solutions. Select products that have earned Common Criteria Certification.

What is Common Criteria? How does it help me?

Common Criteria, which is also an ISO standard (ISO 15408), is the foundation for the widest-available mutual international recognition of secure IT products. With participation of 27 countries, the goal of this program is to ensure that Information Technology products and protection profiles are evaluated in a consistent high quality standardized process globally. When a product earns the Common Criteria Certification, you can be confident that it has performed to those high and consistent standards. Many governments, including the US Federal Government and Department of Defense, require that products be common criteria certified for use. In SP800-53 NIST notes, “organizations can obtain significant benefit from the acquisition and employment of information technology products evaluated against the requirements of ISO/IEC 15408. The use of such products can provide evidence that certain security controls are implemented correctly, operating as intended, and producing the desired effect in satisfying stated security requirements.”

BeyondTrust Common Criteria Certifications

We’ve invested in earning Common Criteria Certification for a broad group of solutions to help assure that government agencies and global enterprises can confidently procure and use BeyondTrust solutions to reduce data breach risks and address compliance requirements without the burdensome cost and complexity of additional product testing. BeyondTrust has earned Common Criteria certification for: Securing your organization’s information technology is challenging enough. Take advantage of trusted standards to remove complexity from product selection. To explore how these Common Criteria Certified solutions can be trusted to securely mitigate risk for your organization, contact us.