Those of us who have had a truly great Boss understand how much better it makes our lives. We spend at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week working with them and the team they have assembled around us. A great boss understands leadership, motivation, teamwork, and isn’t afraid to get down in the trenches with their team.

With that in mind, we asked our Insiders to tell us about their bosses. We wanted them to show us what makes their boss worthy of appreciation. We weren’t looking for those run of the mill “My boss is great!” kind of answers, and our Insiders had some great examples of bosses that have truly earned their respect. So in appreciation of all the great Bomgarian bosses out there…here’s to you:


  • “My boss always shows appreciation for my hard work.  He never ignores when I have gone above and beyond the call of duty!” – Tracy Roberts
  • “I have never been part of such an open and motivated team before and I am thankful to be part of it.” – Kurt Miller
  • “I appreciate my boss because he is willing to get his hands dirty with us.” - Nathan Childs


We also asked for some direct boss quotes that our Insiders got from their bosses:


  • “Let me give you 5 words to live by: Consistency, Knowledge, Understanding, Urgency and Focus. Use them always.” –JD Steiger’s boss
  • “We recognize that each person is valuable and unique with his or her own purpose, personality, and history.” – John David Bates’ boss
  • “You need to get in there to win there.” – Joey Felix’s boss


We asked for some lessons learned and there were some wise answers:


  • “It's wise to learn from your past experiences; it's wiser to learn from others' experiences.” – Michael Goay
  • “Do things for the right reasons regardless if they are easy or not.” – Mark Fitzgerald
  • “My boss taught me to stop worrying and start living…meaning that I should focus on day to day activities instead of worrying over what's coming.” – Deema Asha



And then, of course, there’s the answers that left us with a smile:


  • “I had a boss from Taiwan once years ago. He spoke English OK, but didn't speak it perfectly. One of the things that he always told me in my job of assembling computers was, ‘You always pay what you get for.’ I got the gist of what he was trying to tell me!” – Steve McRuiz
  • "Do what I mean, not what I say." – Bonnie Baker
  • “You can do anything you want on your last day.” – Randy Mettling


In short, it’s safe to say that some bosses are just plain great. So if your boss if one of them, take a minute to surprise them with a coffee today and let us know something you’ve learned from them in the comments below!