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Vault not only holds our passwords, it also enables our representatives to access and use domain administrator credentials without having unfettered access to those credentials. The credential injection significantly enhances our ability to support our field technicians and stores while at the same time improving our security. It prevents representatives from using higher level administrative credentials to do something they shouldn’t.

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Bomgar’s other security features, such as using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) SSL, made it stand out in the selection process as well.

Additionally, the company’s technicians use several diagnostic applications to service equipment in the field. They connect the equipment to their laptops to run these apps in order to troubleshoot issues. Installing a new version of one of the diagnostic apps or configuring a piece of software requires elevated administrative privileges for the device. Vault allows the remote support representative to inject the credentials right in the Bomgar Remote Support console without having to know the actual password. Even installing common applications such as a web browser on a computer may require elevated credentials. For these reasons, Vault is a very valuable enhancement to Bomgar Remote Support.

For more details on this use case, read the full case study! 

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Rachel Smith, Marketing Coordinator