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The reality of today’s cyber security landscape is that attackers can breach your network, and insiders can get into your critical systems, regardless of your countermeasures.

The Bomgar Privileged Access Management Solution

Bomgar Privileged Access combines with Bomgar Privileged Identity to provide the two most crucial components needed for a unified PAM solution set. Together, the products control administrative access to systems and applications in the IT infrastructure, while protecting the credentials that grant this access.

With Bomgar’s Privileged Access Management solution, organizations are protected against the most common pathways exploited during cyberattacks – unsecured remote access for insiders and external vendors, and compromised credentials.

According to Bomgar’s own Privileged Access Threat Report published earlier this year, organizations using automated privileged access management technology experienced far fewer serious security breaches than those that did not.

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The majority of security breaches stem from stolen credentials or compromised privileged access. Bomgar’s Privileged Access Management solution arms organizations with the proactive cyber defense capabilities they need to cope with this threat.

For more information about Bomgar’s PAM solution, or to request an evaluation, please visit: https://www.bomgar.com/privileged-identity-access-management.

Tal Guest

Principal Product Manager

As principal product manager, Tal is responsible for the strategy and direction of the PAM product. He has more 15 years of experience in information security, ITSM, network and IT operations management experience. He also is a seasoned expert in the areas of cyber-security, cloud services, security frameworks, network security, and ITSM. Tal has a Bachelor of Business Information Systems from Mississippi State University and is certified in Pragmatic Marketing. He resides Mississippi and can be found on twitter @talguest.