Bomgar’s newest version of its Privileged Access Management solution features a host of new capabilities that can help better protect a business from cyberattacks.  

Bomgar Privileged Access Management helps businesses reduce risk in area of IT security frequently targeted by hackers—privileged access accounts. Managing privileged access is a hot topic for organizations across all industries in 2016. 

"We live in a world where people are more mobile than ever before, and businesses rely on maintaining strong connections with customers and partners via the Internet or other cloud services," Matt Dircks, CEO of Bomgar, said in an interview with eWEEK.  "While this provides amazing opportunities to deliver unique value to customers and markets, it also creates a complex challenge to ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive resources and systems."

PAM 15.3 introduces six new capabilities to give IT security professionals greater ease and flexibility to better control, monitor, and audit access by privileged users and third-party vendors. With Bomgar, privileged users access secure systems without a VPN, significantly reducing the risk of attackers gaining a foothold within a secure network via a compromised VPN connection.

The update improves usability by streamlining access and admin functions. New features include:

  • Privileged Web: New web console enables fast, secure remote access for privileged users who are unable to install software on their own desktop environments or require the ability to gain access from anywhere at any time. Bomgar’s Privileged Web is the perfect option for third parties and vendors who need quick, authorized access to sensitive systems.
  • Mobile Access Console Enhancements: Allows security professionals to fully manage, monitor, and approve privileged access from their iOS or Android device when away from their workstation and on the go.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: New native multi-factor authentication capabilities improve security without requiring external integrations or additional costs for expensive token-based authentication systems.
  • Session Forensics: Speeds search of shell access recordings for discovery and auditing, automatically taking users to key terms found in the shell recording.
  • Change Management Workflow Integrations: Bomgar integrates with existing change management systems to facilitate advanced approval workflows for authorized access to critical systems and infrastructure.
  • Endpoint Surface Analyzer: Allows security professionals to monitor port exposure of endpoints, improving their ability to defend against malware and limit unnecessary vulnerabilities.

Read the full eWEEK article on Bomgar’s Privileged Access Management featuring comments from CEO Matt Dircks here.

For more information on how Bomgar’s Privileged Access Management solution helps to protect critical systems and data from cyber criminals, check out our latest webcast, “Managing Privileged Access Against Hacking Threats.”