Today, Bomgar released the latest version of its Privileged Access solution that allows security professionals to control, monitor and manage access to critical systems by privileged users and third-party vendors. Bomgar Privileged Access 16.1 offers more deployment options and allows security organizations to extend access controls across their hybrid environments. The new version also offers capabilities that further fortify security along with enhancing performance, streamlining access for privileged users, and improving user administration. These new features include:

  • Cloud Deployment – Bomgar Privileged Access is now available via Bomgar’s Secure Cloud as well as an on-premises physical or virtual appliance. The unique segmentation of Bomgar’s cloud deployment provides the flexibility of a cloud solution without compromising security.
  • Advanced Web Access – Security organizations can now effectively manage privileged access to business assets that leverage web-based management consoles for IaaS resources, hypervisors and network infrastructure.
  • Access Extender – Bomgar enables organizations to streamline auditing proprietary and/or third-party protocol tunneling software by managing it in a consumable process that removes the need for an intricate VPN solution.
  • SUDO Manager – The new version allows organizations to leverage their existing investment in SUDO for managing privileged elevation on Linux operation systems.
  • iOS 3D Touch Support – System Administrators can now utilize the 3D Touch capabilities of the iPhone 6S and 6S plus devices to quickly star remote sessions and access saved credentials.

Bomgar Privileged Access works seamlessly with Bomgar Vault, an intuitive credential safe that allows security professionals to authorize access without exposing credentials to privileged accounts. Bomgar Vault stores and rotates credentials, and allows users or elevate privileges with credential or SSH key injection directly from Privileged Access. Organizations can also require multifactor authentication to Privileged Access with Bomgar Verify, an easy-to-use, tokenless two factor authentication solution that lets users choose and manage their own devices for a second factor of authentication.

Misuse of privileged accounts has been a factor in the majority of cyber breaches in the past few years. Cyber criminals are persistently looking for footholds into company or government networks that are both public, like those hosted by providers like Amazon, as well as private, like their internal datacenters. These bad actors regularly target unsecured access pathways because they know they will have a strong chance to find and leverage privileged accounts for malicious purposes. Often these pathways can be compromised without the attacker having any privileged credentials, allowing them to go unnoticed within the network for weeks or months. Bomgar allows security organizations to secure access to its most critical systems, while making access easier for privileged system administrators.

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