Our recent Back to School contest was a big hit, and we loved reviewing the great stories, reviews, and quotes from  our  Bomgar Insiders. (Not a Bomgar Insider? Click here to join.) Some of our favorites were about how Bomgar has helped our customers, those they support, or even their loved ones deal with back to school technology issues. So, in honor of parents sending children off to school for their first day of kindergarten or dropping teens off at college, here are some examples of how Bomgar made a hectic time for most families a little bit easier.

  • “I used Bomgar to fix my son's phone just before his math final. He was able to use the graphing calculator on it just in time to score an A.” – JD Steiger
  • “My wife is a teacher, and during the first week of school last year she was having trouble getting her laptop to display correctly on the projector at school while her class was waiting.  I sent her a Bomgar link and was able to hop on and get her laptop to display correctly so that she and her students could get on with class.” – Brian Piel
  • “My daughter went away to school and couldn't figure out how to connect to the school printer lab. Bomgar to the rescue! No accounts, no software setup, no IP addresses, she just chose me from the representative list.” – Edward Kraft
  • “About this time a couple of years ago, we received a call from a frantic client with a teenage son who was packing up his stuff to return to college and his laptop wasn’t working very well. Bomgar saved the day by allowing me to connect remotely, clean up his laptop and get it back into functional condition so he could be on his way to school the same day. The client was very happy.” – Carol Kirsch
  • “I actually recently used Bomgar to help my little sister get her brand new laptop ready. She just recently graduated from high school and bought a new laptop for college. She needed help installing programs for school but she lives in a different state. So I used Bomgar to remote into her laptop and helped her install all her needed programs. It was very helpful.” – Tanner Jenson

There are countless scenarios that play out like this every day, and we are lucky to play a helping hand in keeping families and their technology connected no matter how far apart they may be. Thanks to all of our awesome customers and Insiders for such great testimonials!

If you have a Bomgar back to school story, please share in the comments below!