9/11 Memorial Uses Bomgar Remote Support9/11 Memorial uses Bomgar to control vendor remote access

At Bomgar, we have a lot amazing customers doing really interesting things with our technology. One organization that we’re so proud to call a customer is The National September 11 Memorial & Museum.   The 9/11 Memorial is a tribute of remembrance and honor to the nearly 3,000 people killed in the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, as well as the six people killed in the World Trade Center bombing on February 26, 1993. 

Opening its doors in September 2011, the 9/11 Memorial’s twin reflecting pools are each nearly an acre in size and feature the largest man-made waterfalls in North America. The pools sit within the footprints of where the Twin Towers once stood, with the names of every person who died in the 2011 and 1993 attacks inscribed on bronze panels lining the edge of each pool.

Numerous operation systems provide critical support for the Memorial’s operations, and its IT staff needed a robust and secure remote support solution that would enable them to ensure 100 percent uptime for these systems. Since the Memorial’s opening, nearly six million visitors have come through the gates. The Memorial’s ability to manage this volume of visitors requires 100 percent uptime from its operational systems which handle things like free ticketing distribution, accounting, point of sale and visitor information.

The Memorial also has a handful of vendors that need access to their business systems 24/7 to update them and keep them running. These vendors need to remotely access their systems without a lot of difficulty, but at the same time, the Memorial IT team needs the ability to control and monitor access.  So they’re using Bomgar’s Embassy feature to allow external vendors access the systems remotely and securely.

For more details about the 9/11 Memorial’s use of the Bomgar solution, visit our customers page for a full, in-depth case study.