“Given Chili Security’s rapid growth, we estimate that if it hadn’t made the switch to BeyondTrust, we would need four times the employees we have now to service our expanding customer base. BeyondTrust's automated features make it possible for each technician to handle more jobs, reducing labor costs.”

Michael Hede, Technical Leader at Chili Security

With more than 2,200 customer SaaS deployments, we strive to give customers the best the cloud has to offer – high availability, security, access, and scalability, while removing the overhead of managing infrastructure. An increasing number of our PAM customers choose to deploy in the cloud, and they soon discover security, growth, and productivity benefits from this approach.

Recently, BeyondTrust announced that our technology-leading Endpoint Privilege Management solutions will soon become available via SaaS deployment. This underscores our commitment to providing customers with stellar product offerings, accessible in a variety of ways to suit their business needs, and without compromise on features and capabilities.

Improving cloud security and continuing to evolve our cloud-based offerings is a key part of the Universal Privilege Management approach we’ve adopted for 2020 and beyond, as it gives customers the ability to accelerate their PAM journey, rapidly reduce risk and cost, and even achieve faster user adoption.

You can find out more about this approach by downloading our new whitepaper explaining Universal Privilege Management today.

Photograph of Tal Guest

Tal Guest, Senior Director of Product Management

Tal Guest is a Director of Product Management with over 20 years of industry experience. He directs a group of product managers, responsible for expanding privileged access management core capabilities in the areas of remote access and the service desk. Tal also helps establish long-term business strategies based on current/future market conditions and problems faced in the privileged access management area of cybersecurity.