In version 2.8 of Privilege Guard (Edit: now Defendpoint) we have revamped the application group management to include:

  • - A new application groups view
  • - A choice of application views
  • - Inline filtering and highlighting of applications

New Application Groups View

You can now view all application groups in a single view, by selecting the ‘Application Groups’ node in the navigation tree.

Choice of Application Views

There are now three different views for displaying the applications for all application groups or within a particular application group:

Summary View

This view shows a summarized description of the matching rules for each application in the group. Only the applied rules are displayed and icons are displayed under each application to show which advanced options have been enabled.

Light View

This view is similar in style to the summary view, but the light view shows only the description of each application within the group.

This view shows a detailed list of all application rules and advanced option settings. Color coding is used to clearly indicate which rules and options are being applied.

Inline Filtering and Highlighting of Applications

There is now an inline filter control, which allows you to refine the applications being displayed in each view, based on the text you enter into the filter edit box. Only applications that match the text (based on any property) are shown, and the matching text is highlighted.

The new application group enhancements allow you to quickly locate and identify applications in your policies.