Working remotely is no longer a hot new topic. It’s just reality.  What was an exciting prospect not too long ago has become commonplace.  Sure, most of us don’t telecommute every day, but we all have to be able to adapt to whatever life throws at us, including working away from “the office.”  For me, this recently meant working from home while my air conditioning was repaired over the course of two days.  No problem, just take the laptop home like I do every day and make sure I keep the coffee fresh.

But having my A/C fixed is not a normal circumstance (thank goodness!).  If you’re like me, working remotely usually means something mundane like filling that 20-45 minutes of wait time during an oil change / tire rotation.  Turning these inefficient amounts of downtime into something productive is kind of hard to do.  I find myself asking if it’s really worth pulling out the laptop, firing it up, hoping the Wi-Fi is stable, finally being ready to work and then, “Mr. Ethridge?  Your truck is ready.”  Dang it. Almost had it.

That’s why the iPad Rep Console has been so well-received, and that’s exactly why in January of 2012 we will release three brand-new Mobile Rep Consoles – for Android Tablets, Android Smartphones, and yes, for the iPhone.  We know that not everyone has an iPad.  We know that many of you prefer Android to iOS.  And we know very well that you are a bazillion times more likely to have a smartphone surgically grafted to you than a tablet.

I could bore you with the details of the work and sweat that were required to take a collaborative enterprise support tool and make it intuitive, not just usable.  I could mention that all three new Mobile Rep Consoles are full-featured, screen-sharing, file-transferring, chat-tastic tools.  But I think I’ll let this short video give you the overview.

And just in case you missed the earlier announcement on October 19th, you’ll also be able to expand our  iOS devices support in the very near future, along with the Android smartphone and tablet support that’s already available today.  You are just a few months away from providing support to any device, from any device with Bomgar.  It’s going to be a fun productive year.