So you have streamlined your support organization and you are knocking it out of the park using Bomgar to solve customer issues left and right. Your metrics are better than ever and your IT support team is rockin’ and rollin.  However, there are always those few sticky cases that you can’t support remotely due to an OS issue that is preventing you from starting a Bomgar session.  Good news.  Intel and Bomgar are teaming up to help your support organization overcome this issue.

Over the recent years, Intel has introduced their vPro enabled chipsets and continues to add new exciting functionality that has never been possible without an operating system.  Bomgar is now introducing the ability to integrate with the vPro technology and leverage this functionality to further empower your service desk.

A lot of organizations have vPro systems throughout their organization but have lacked a path for extending its far reaching functionality to their service desk. Using Bomgar Jumpoint technology you can strategically place vPro enabled Jumpoints throughout your network, which in turn gives your reps access to systems below the operating system.

You may be asking, “So, what does this really mean for me?” Think of the times your team has supported a system that is experiencing issues related to problems with the OS. Some classic issues of this type may be the blue screen of death, systems just hanging on reboot, high network utilization due a virus, or systems just locking up at random times.  What about if you just need to simply re-image a machine due to an employee leaving or you need to update the corporate image on that system?  These are common support issues in any organization.

Now utilizing Bomgar and vPro your reps can  troubleshoot these issues or accomplish re-imaging without leaving their desk, saving time and money by lowering the occurrence of desk side visits and shipping costs between remote offices. It also allows the rep to stay at the service desk, making them available to take other support calls.

Bomgar and vPro area pretty cool and powerful combination. It can help extend the reach of your service desk and address those fringe cases that have been prickly to handle in the past. It will also make those already-good-looking support metrics look even better! Take a look at video below to get a visual look at this exciting new functionality.