NERC ComplianceThe NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) plan (currently on version 5) consists of 9 standards and 45 requirements covering the security of electronic perimeters and the protection of critical cyber assets across North America's bulk electric system. Under NERC CIP, covered entities are required to identify critical assets and to regularly perform a risk analysis of those assets. Organizations are also required to enforce IT controls protecting access to critical cyber assets. Systems for monitoring security events must be deployed, and organizations must have comprehensive contingency plans for cyber attacks. It’s never been more important to protect critical infrastructure and its supporting assets, with 40% of critical infrastructure targeted by cyberattacks. Now is the time to take a look at the controls in place, determine gaps in coverage, and address them immediately.
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How can privileged access management and vulnerability management help achieve compliance with NERC CIP requirements?

Privileged access management and vulnerability management play key roles in adhering to the NERC CIP standard, establishing strict access control requirements over utility generation and distribution systems, and ensuring that all network assets are not vulnerable to external exploit. The integration of these solutions into a common platform adds value and eliminates gaps in coverage. For a summary of how BeyondTrust solutions map into NERC CIP requirements, please see the table below.
Standard Number Requirement Number BeyondTrust Platform Addresses Requirement
CIP-002-5.1a R1.

CIP-002-5.1a R2.

CIP-003-6 R1.

CIP-003-6 R2.
CIP-003-6 R3.
CIP-003-6 R4.
CIP-004-6 R3.
CIP-004-6 R4.
CIP-004-6 R5.
CIP-005-5 R1. NA
CIP-005-5 R2.
CIP-007-6 R1.
CIP-007-6 R2.
CIP-007-6 R3.
CIP-007-6 R4.
CIP-007-6 R5.
CIP-010-2 R1.
CIP-010-2 R2.
CIP-010-2 R3.
CIP-011-2 R1.

How do BeyondTrust’s solutions help address these NERC CIP requirements?

For a complete explanation of how each BeyondTrust solution addresses NERC CIP requirements, please download our tech brief "Mapping BeyondTrust Solutions to NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)". For more information on customers who have trusted BeyondTrust to help them achieve compliance with electric utility regulatory requirements, visit our case study portal. Or, contact us today for a strategy session.