A recent study found that two-thirds of 300 IT security pros expect a breach to hit their company within the next 12 months. The same study found IT security pros couldn’t agree about whether security is enabling or compromising productivity.

It shows the ongoing struggle that businesses face, in terms of their preparedness to detect and respond to an attack, the status of their technology upgrades and the balance they must achieve between security and productivity. For SMBs, the challenge is greater. Another report found that 78 percent of small businesses in the U.S. and have of C-suite respondents said they only conduct employee training on IT security training once per year or less.

It’s clear that SMBs are falling behind both in modern technology and security education. Bomgar’s Sam Elliott highlights what channel partners and managed service providers can do to help their SMB customers improve their security posture in a recent article in The VAR Guy. The article, “5 Easy Things Channel Partners Can Do to Protect Customers Against SMB Security Threats,” covers the areas that SMBs can investigate now to become more secure:

  • Evaluate privileged users
  • Limit VPN access
  • Block access to unsecured remote access tools
  • Track activity
  • Eliminate simple and shared password usage

Sam goes on to write: “While it’s never possible for your SMB customers to prevent against all the security threats facing them today, the steps outlined above can address some of the most common problems. Auditing the environment and setting parameters around what tools are used to access the network, by whom and in what ways is critical. By taking action, small and mid-sized businesses can reduce the risk of becoming the next victim of a security breach—and you can become an invaluable asset to their internal teams. Everybody wins.”

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