New Year’s resolutions are all about challenging yourself to take it to the next level—whether it’s tackling a monster project, getting that raise, or adding a new skill.

As we edge toward the cusp of 2016, we wanted to understand what IT pros hope to accomplish in the New Year, so we polled our Insider community. Resolutions spanned from finding more vendors like Bomgar (no, we did not make that up!) to resisting “the strong pull of the ‘dark side’”—aka Office 365 implementation. Of course, a top priority for many of our Insiders is locking in a promotion and big raise.

Among the resolutions we received, we uncovered a few great insights into the top priorities for IT pros in 2016:

  • Training, training, training: Earning the top spot in 2016 is a most cited IT pro resolution (aside from a promotion), learning is clearly a major focus as well. Technology and its standards are constantly changing so it makes sense for IT pros to prioritize training. Whether it’s acquiring a solution specific certification through a program like Bomgar University or learning industry standards, IT pros want to sharpen their skills in coding, enterprise architecture, security and networking, among other areas. A few IT managers even resolved to launch new IT training or mentorship programs for their internal staff, underlining the recognized need to stay ahead of the ever-shifting tech curve. Kudos to them!
  • We’ve got a document for that: There’s no doubt that IT pros have had a very busy year. As the digital transformation continues into 2016, another top priority for the IT community is to take a step back to create or catch-up on documentation for all of the systems they support – and they mean it this time.This includes launching self-help portals for internal users. By better defining processes, IT pros hope to streamline their efforts and maximize their valuable time.
  • Amp up efficiency to improve services: From adopting new technology to implementing an existing solution across the organization to simply re-evaluating the human processes behind them, IT pros resolve to amp up efficiency in the enterprise in 2016.One pro indicated it will start with reviewing the business to determine how they can improve customer service, then move to identifying the metrics they need to get there. Other pros are starting with the IT departments, unifying configurations and equipment. Where ever they start, the end goal is clear – improve and streamline service delivery.

There’s sure to be more "to-do" items 2016, and hopefully these and other resolutions by our Insider community will be met. If you do, perhaps you’ll be one step closer to that coveted promotion.

No matter your resolution, stick with it! Feel free to share yours in the comment section below.