BeyondTrust and ServiceNow: The Power of Integration

Michel Bluteau, Sr. Sales Engineer
September 11th, 2017

Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on ServiceNow solutions for service management across IT, human resources, facilities, field service, and several other disciplines. ServiceNow integrates with BeyondTrust to reduce risk and increase visibility enterprise-wide, offering a single platform to:

  • Centralize, manage and track security incidents
  • Enrich incident profiles with threat intelligence data
  • Streamline response and remediation workflows

With advanced integration into the BeyondTrust platform, ServiceNow clients can import assets, track vulnerabilities, open tickets based on discovered flaws, and provide advanced workflow management for privileged password management.

This short video features a simple ServiceNow application that can be used to retrieve a list of Managed Accounts from PowerBroker Password Safe, and the associated passwords. The application can be used as a tutorial, and as an example to build other applications to support other use cases.

For more information, check out the use case data sheet or contact us for a strategy session.

Michel Bluteau, Sr. Sales Engineer

Michel has been interfacing with many organizations in different verticals around the world, over the last decade, trying to capture Requirements and Use Cases in Identity Management, Compliance, and more recently Privileged Account Management. Michel’s expertise with various platforms including SAP, ServiceNow, .NET and Java, allows him to contribute to integration and share his experience and solutions. Recently, Michel has also been focusing on the User Experience and how to leverage Web Services API made available more and more for both on-premises and cloud based applications and platforms.