BeyondInsight/Retina CS 6.6: Reporting Enhancements, Docker Image Scanning, MSP Improvements

Alejandro DaCosta, Product Manager, Retina CS
July 27th, 2018

I am pleased to announce the latest release of BeyondTrust’s central platform for vulnerability management and privileged access management: BeyondInsight. Version 6.6 adds more capabilities that further enhance usability and reporting.

User Interface Enhancements Further Improve Usability

Following on recent user interface enhancements, BeyondInsight version 6.6 features a new HTML5 Asset Grid that provides users with essential asset management functionality. This enhancement includes a display of assets with icons which makes it easy to know at-a-glance what systems have been scanned by Retina, or are managed by PowerBroker. Additionally, it shows if the system is a database server or a Docker host. Other capabilities in the new Asset Grid include quick ad-hoc and free-text filtering, drill through for asset details, and download and asset delete options. Please see the screenshot below.

In addition to the new Asset Grid, BeyondInsight Settings and Configurations have been improved with a new HTML5 Configuration dashboard. This new dashboard combines both settings and configuration options into one easy-to-navigate dashboard. Searchable by keyword, it is now easier and faster for administrators get to the setting or configuration they need to set, review or modify. For a representation of this enhancement, please see the screenshot below.


Centralized Management of Docker Scanning and Reporting Reduces Risks of Misconfiguration and Vulnerabilities

First introduced in Retina Network Security Scanner version 6.5, BeyondInsight 6.6 now adds centralized scan management and reporting of Docker containerization technology, including:

  • New Docker scan template
  • New Docker Image display in the new Asset Grid
  • New Docker Host Summary Report
  • New Docker Image Details Report
  • New Docker Image Vulnerability Report

The new capability ensures that organizations have a central location to scan and report on all Docker images within their environments, reducing the risk of misconfiguration or vulnerabilities.

Multi-tenancy Improvements for Managed Services Providers

BeyondInsight has long supported a multi-tenant architecture. In order to optimize for multi-tenancy, all scan data associated with a customer’s environment is tagged with a unique user-defined workgroup identifier. For example, an MSP may have a workgroup for “Customer A” and a workgroup for “Customer B.” In previous versions, this workgroup identifier was configured on a per-scanner basis. However, with version 6.6, Managed Services Providers or any organization looking for multi-tenancy support can now dynamically set the scanner’s workgroup value on a per-scan-job basis. This eliminates the need to have dedicated scanners per customer, could reduce the number of scanners that need to be deployed, and is of particular value and time saving for perimeter scanning.

Additional enhancements include updated PCI reporting to adhere to PCI DSS 3.2, and a new McAfee DXL Event Forwarding Connector that aggregates and forwards events to McAfee DXL, including applications requesting elevation, UAC prompts, and denied rule applied.

For a complete demonstration of these new features check out the New Release video, read the What’s New features document, or check out the release notes available on the customer portal.

Alejandro DaCosta, Product Manager, Retina CS

As Product Manager, Alex DaCosta is responsible for designing the company’s Vulnerability Management solutions. Alex joined BeyondTrust via the company’s acquisition of eEye Digital Security, where he held senior positions as Security Engineer in both pre and post sales operations. As a Senior Security Engineer, Alex was responsible for the success of demonstrating, architecting and implementing the Company’s enterprise solutions. Alex graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Management Information Systems.