Adobe Flash Player and Air (APSB12-24) Critical Memory Vulnerabilities – November 2012

Jerome Diggs, November 9th, 2012

Nine new audits are being released in our Retina vulnerability scan engine to help customers identify a security vulnerability that can enable an attacker to gain control of a vulnerable system (CVE-2012-5274, CVE-2012-5275, CVE-2012-5276, CVE-2012-5277, CVE-2012-5278, CVE-2012-5279, CVE-2012-5280) These nine new audits have been released with Retina Network Community and the commercial version of Retina Network. Learn more about these products here.

Users can include these new checks in a general vulnerability scan, or can create a targeted scan to specifically look for these specific vulnerabilities using the following Retina audits:

17585 – Adobe Flash Multiple Vulnerabilities (20121107) – IE

17586 – Adobe Flash Multiple Vulnerabilities (20121107) – IE 10

17587 – Adobe Flash Multiple Vulnerabilities (20121107) – Mozilla/Opera

17588 – Adobe Flash Multiple Vulnerabilities (20121107) – Linux Player

17589 – Adobe Flash Multiple Vulnerabilities (20121107) – Mac OS X Player

17591 – Adobe Flash Multiple Vulnerabilities (20121107) – Adobe AIR – Windows

17592 – Adobe Flash Multiple Vulnerabilities (20121107) – Adobe AIR – Mac OS X

17593 – Adobe Flash Multiple Vulnerabilities (20121107) – Android Flash

17594 – Adobe Flash Multiple Vulnerabilities (20121107) – Android AIR

If you have concerns of the security posture of your desktop, server or mobile environments feel free to download and try out our community version to discover, assess and gain remediation guidance in our simple to use standalone scanner. In addition to standard assessment of patches, insecure configurations and zero-days, the commercial version of Retina solutions also provides in-depth credentialed database, web application, virtual, cloud and mobile scanning.

We should also mention that our new version of the Retina Network Community scanner includes a complete user interface overhaul and allows users to select from a list of built-in profiles to align the product to your specific job function.

Scan Metrics


Both Retina CS and Retina CS Community allow users to create email alerts based on conditional Smart Rules.  In the example below we’ve created a rule looking for the assets that have the APSB12-24 vulnerability flagged and set an action to email the Operation team for any machines that match the criteria in the last day.