The Bomgar Integration client with the file system plug-in is a utility you can use to automatically backup your appliance settings on a scheduled basis. The utility is available to customers using Bomgar version 10.2 and higher.

As stated on the Management tab or your /login Administrative interface, backup files will include all of your configuration and logged data except for session recordings and some large files from the file store. Backups will only include files from the file store less than 200KB in size and no more than 50 files total.

To obtain the latest copy of the integration client, please login to the Self Service Center and navigate to the Downloads tab.


Remote Support Integration Guide

Privileged Access Integration Guide

Technical Support

If you have any questions relating to the Integration Client or if you are running version of Bomgar that is not at least version 10.2, please contact Bomgar Technical Support

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Hours: 2:00am-7:00pm CST

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