Active Directory Recovery & Continuous Backup

Recovery for Active Directory, when used with Auditor for Active Directory, provides continuous object backup and recovery to minimize the risk of business disruptions. The solution stores every object change in a continuous change log, enabling you to instantly roll back unwanted changes to any previous state, right up to the point of the error. Recovery eliminates tedious manual recovery efforts, saving critical time and ensuring business productivity.

  • Minimize the impact of a recovery by recovering just what’s needed
  • Recover an individual attribute, object, group of objects, or portion of the directory
  • Avoid disrupting end users or affecting other parts of your Active Directory system
  • Maintain business continuity and ensure constant AD protection
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“Their recovery option is our favorite feature. Just a mouse click and everything is back to normal. I was completely flabbergasted that [Auditor] could do that.

IT Manager, Oxbo Corporation

Continuous Backup for Easy Recovery

Storing every object change in a continuous change log provides complete object backup and recovery to ensure uninterrupted business operations.

Integration of Audit and Recovery for Efficiency

Recovery for Active Directory enables Auditor for Active Directory users to rollback or restore an object or attribute with a single click.

Integration with Native Management Tools for Speed

By integrating Recovery for Active Directory with native management tools and an online recovery database, you speed time to resolution and simplify administration.

Agentless and Single-Agent Options for Performance

With Recovery for AD, you never need more than one agent. All Auditor and Recovery modules that require an agent use a common footprint to mitigate performance impacts on domain controllers.

Benefits of Active Directory Recovery and Backup

Continuous Backup

Always be ready: Ensure business continuity for critical network resources and applications.

Increase productivity: Minimize revenue loss from disasters and accidental deletions in Active Directory infrastructure.

Quickly recover: Bring users back in minutes; not hours.

Single online recovery database: Maintain simplicity with one database for any number of Active Directory Forests.

Simple Deployment

Avoid deployment headaches: Ensure fast, trouble-free deployments with one centralized activity database, one agent, and a single unified console.

Ensure focus: Track, manage and protect all activities and file permissions through a centralized console.

Support the largest environments: Our Active Directory solutions can easily scale to support millions of users and thousands of servers.

New modules are easily added without interrupting workflow: Recovery for Active Directory is part of Auditor, so you can easily expand the capability to auditing with little effort.

Integration with Native Tools

Seamless integration: Get Active Directory, Group Policy and AD LDS (ADAM) support in a single solution.

Efficiency: Simplify operation and minimize downtime with native tool integrations and an online recovery database.

Active Directory Integration: Recover deleted or changed Group policy and directory objects with a single click.

One click recovery: Recover deleted objects from the audit event, speeding time to resolution.

Rollback queue: Create a search for items and add to a queue in a single, simple step.