Centralized Viewing and Management of Enterprise Wide Active Directory and File System Permissions

Privilege Explorer automates the process of analyzing and reporting on who has access to Active Directory and File System permissions. The solution delivers a centralized view of access and privileges, allowing administrators to know who has access to which resources while enabling them to identify potential exposures of sensitive information and intellectual property. With Privilege Explorer, you can be sure that users have access to the resources they need to do their jobs – and only to those resources.

  • Report on who has access to directory resources for SOX, PCI, HIPAA and other compliance mandates
  • Determine who had access to Active Directory resources when an incident occurred
  • Provide data and business owners with reports on who can access their objects
  • Compare permissions over time for specific resources and drill into the integrated logs of Auditor to see how these permissions were changed
  • Easily roll back directory permissions to an authorized state to adhere to corporate policy
  • Verify permission changes with provisioning systems to reduce risk of excessive access
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"Auditor product line is indeed a formidable set of tools, both as a standalone solution for Microsoft-centric companies and as a part of an integrated platform for heterogeneous environments."

— KuppingerCole Executive View: BeyondTrust Auditor Suite

Tighten Security and Control Over Access and Permissions

Privilege Explorer offers a centralized view of enterprise access, ensuring that the right people have access to the right resources, minimizing the risk of data theft, security breaches or system attacks.

Powerful Reporting Means Easier Compliance

Reporting capabilities deliver the documentation and data needed to identify violations, and prove compliance to auditors and managers. Advanced filtering allows you to quickly target access reports to specific resources, users, groups, permissions and dates.

Instantly Drill Down to Roll Back Changes

Administrators can instantly drill down on any privilege to find out how access to a resource was granted — and then click to roll back the change to return to the previous state with the appropriate access privileges set.

Strengthen Security Without Over-Extending IT Resources

By streamlining and automating reporting on directory permissions, Privilege Explorer lets you strengthen your data security and compliance strategy, without burdening your IT staff. Scheduled reporting enables administrators to run reports against the central database and automatically email them to administrators, security officers, and data owners.

Benefits of Privilege Explorer for Active Directory and File Systems

Auditing and Reporting

Uncovers where an account or group has rights, ensuring they have the appropriate access to just those resources they need for their jobs.

Examines both object and group membership changes that affect access.

Tightens security and audit access management procedures.

Reveals the exposure of your sensitive information and intellectual property.

Performs second tier auditing to track the actions of privileged users.

Examines access changes to users and groups not only as the result of object access control changes, but also as the result of changing group memberships


Drills down to reveal how access to a resource was granted.

Compares permissions over time with live and historical reporting, or displays current settings.

Uses capabilities not found in native auditing, including point-in-time and historical comparison and roll back.

Instantly roll back any unwanted changes through seamless integration with Auditor.

Isolates suspect activity quickly and performs root cause analysis using an interactive console to filter for specific users, permissions and resources.