BeyondTrust Data & IT Security Solutions
for Government Agencies and Programs

BeyondTrust has a long and distinguished history as a provider of threat management and compliance solutions for government agencies and related service providers.

25 Years of Experience Serving Government Agencies

BeyondTrust’s commitment to serving our government (and government-related) customers starts with our product support for SCAP, FDCC, and DIACAP initiatives. This also includes the continuous monitoring and command and control capabilities made possible by our enterprise threat management console, which delivers unsurpassed analytics and intelligence to our end users.

Each BeyondTrust product is designed to meet the needs of highly complex, and heterogeneous government agency infrastructures. These organizations can now improve the security, compliance and availability of their IT infrastructures, while reducing the operational costs of managing their networks.


Addressing the United States CIO Office's Cybersecurity Sprint Directives

White Paper

Addressing the United States CIO Office's Cybersecurity Sprint Directives

BeyondTrust delivers a single, integrated solution that directly addresses the directives established by Federal CIO Tony Scott in the 30-day Cybersecurity Sprint. Our integrated suite of software solutions can help reduce user-based risk and protect against threats to sensitive information. Privileged account protection and threat detection is at the center of many of these requirements due to their powerful role in providing access to critical cyber infrastructure and sensitive information. Read this white paper to learn how BeyondTrust solutions apply to the directives.

100% Support for Cyberscope Requirements

Complete vulnerability scanning, management, reports and analytics for FISMA compliance and NIST standards.

Automated Compliance Reporting

BeyondTrust's reporting capabilities support continuous monitoring and automated reporting across the enterprise.

Proven Scalability

Documented experience in scanning worldwide DoD network; pluggable architecture supports existing IT investments in SIEM tools, and other 3rd party tools.

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Other U.S. / Canada / Central & South America

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EMEA Government

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Why BeyondTrust for Government Security and Compliance
  • Proven expertise and scalability in supporting worldwide Government agencies such as the Department of Defense
  • Automated compliance reporting for FISMA requirements
  • Enable compliance for SCAP, FDCC, and DIACAP initiatives mandated by command authorities
  • Streamlined remediation efforts through executive and task specific reporting offering risk scoring
  • Prescriptive and guidance on issues
  • Easily implement policy-based security management including routine security assessments, demonstrated control, and use of timely reports as part of standard processes
  • Capability to efficiently classify, respond to and resolve potentially high-volume threats
  • Continuous vulnerability and configuration monitoring of IT assets, while correlating compliance requirements to pre-defined baselines and providing automated notification of violations

BeyondTrust Solutions for Government Include



Unifies PowerBroker privileged account management solutions with Retina CS Enterprise Vulnerability Management, allowing IT and security teams to collectively reduce risk across complex environments.

Retina CS Enterprise Vulnerability Management

Delivers large-scale, cross-platform vulnerability assessment and remediation, with available configuration compliance, patch management and compliance reporting.

PowerBroker for Unix & Linux

Replace Sudo as your command and control system for your Unix and Linux environments with our enterprise-centric root access solution.

PowerBrokerfor Windows

The fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to secure Windows desktops through the implementation of “least privilege”.