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BadUSB: Is firmware the next major attack surface? w/ SANS Instructor, Dave Shackleford
September 3, 2014
10am PDT/1pm EDT

Recently, security researchers in Germany outlined a new type of USB firmware attack that could be used to completely hijack systems and introduce malware, redirect network traffic, and much more. Dubbed "BadUSB", this type of attack raises serious questions about hardware integrity, supply chain security, and how we currently prevent or detect deeply embedded malware. How can organizations prevent introduction of unauthorized devices that could potentially be infected with malware, at the firmware level?

Join Dave Shackleford, SANS Instructor & Founder, Voodoo Security in an engaging webcast where he'll discuss:

  • The "BadUSB" attack and other firmware security research and attacks of the last several years
  • Why you need to develop a sound supply chain security program
  • How privileged account and vulnerability management can help reduce your risk of unauthorized devices and related attacks
Herding Cats: Best Practices for Windows Access Control and Privilege Management w/ Kevin Johnson, Secure Ideas
September 12, 2014
11am PT/2pm ET

It’s no secret that granting excessive privileges to Windows users is a breach waiting to happen, whether by malicious insiders or at the hands of an external attackers. But how do you rein in your end users without them hissing at every turn?

During this webcast, Kevin Johnson of Secure Ideas will present best practices for handling Windows authentication and access control. He will present techniques for discovering often-missed access and privilege issues within your organization's internal systems. You’ll also learn how to secure these problem areas without creating new headaches for your end-users (and yourself).

Key takeaways include:

  • A checklist of Windows access control and privilege pitfalls
  • Techniques for identifying and addressing problem areas
  • Tips for balancing security and end-user productivity
Know Thy User: An Actionable Guide to Privileged Account Management
September 16, 2014
10am PT/1pm ET

Organizations spend a significant amount of money on cyber security, but more often than not they don't focus on the right areas; internal threats. A key theme of security is Know Thy System & User. An organization cannot protect what it does not know about. Very often organizations focus their energy on advanced techniques but fail to build a proper privilege foundation that is required for success. Only by implementing least privilege, asset identification, configuration management and change control can an organization build security, inside and outside, that works.

In this engaging talk, Dr. Cole will discuss actionable items that show how to build a defendable network from the inside out. Find out what the top organizations are doing in setting up least privilege and access to properly protect their organizations.

Uncovering the One Common Thread of all Major Attacks w/ Larry Brock, former CISO at Dupont
October 8, 2014
10am PT/1pm ET

Today’s threats from advanced targeted attacks and privileged insiders require companies to significantly improve their abilities to manage their privileged accounts. In this webinar, Larry Brock, former CISO at Dupont, will discuss the one common thread of all recent major attacks; compromised privileged credentials.

Join this insightful webinar to find out why it is critical to address these threats and learn:

  • Why your CEO is concerned and what the business drivers are
  • Pitfalls to avoid when managing privileged credentials
  • Best practices for implementing least privilege and escalating privileges
  • Tips for session management and monitoring
  • What to look for in privileged account management suites
Improving Windows Security and User Empowerment w/ Derek Schauland, Microsoft MVP
November 8, 2014
10am PT/1pm ET

With the increase in malware, unintended installations, and the heavy reliance on administrative access on Windows desktops today, Microsoft's User Account Control (UAC) can be a good tool to use in keeping an environment secure against these ever-evolving threats. It's a good start but unfortunately UAC is not perfect.

Join this engaging webinar with Derek Schauland, Microsoft MVP, and learn how you can effectively amp up your Windows desktop security while still empowering users to get their jobs done. Learn how PowerBroker for Windows helps companies work with User Account Control to ensure that employees can access the applications they need without needing it to disable the feature.

Takeaways for this session:

  • Understanding the good and the bad of User Account Control (UAC)
  • See how UAC can work with other solutions to help keep systems secure and allow the empowerment of End Users
  • Be able to explain UAC to others on your team and throughout the organization so key players can see why certain decisions are necessary and why security should be a top priority