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2015: The Year You Finally Get Control of Privileged Users w/ SANS Instructor, Dave Shackleford
January 29, 2015
10am PT/1pm ET

Over the years, as IT operations have grown to be mission-critical aspects of most businesses and organizations, security teams have seen a marked increase in attacks that leverage privileges. Whether privileged business unit users or IT administrators, privileged accounts can be used by malicious insiders and external attackers alike to cause enormous damage. Many data breaches in the last several years have included privilege abuse components, and the problem is getting worse all the time.

In this webcast, Dave Shackleford, SANS Instructor and Voodoo Security Founder, will discuss some of the more interesting examples of privilege abuse in known data breaches and attacks over the last several years. We'll then delve into areas of privileged access that you may not even know you have, and finally lay out a strategy to start getting a handle on privileged account management in your organization in 2015.

Avoiding the 10 Deadliest (and Most Common) Sins for Securing Windows w/ Security Expert MVP, Paula Januszkiewicz
February 4, 2015
10am PT/1pm ET

Security audits are the best opportunity to become familiar with the common (and uncommon) Windows security mistakes made by sys admins. Unfortunately, too often the common mistakes are actually very serious and can even lead to major security breaches. But where do you start? How do you avoid such mistakes? Reasons for misconfigurations can range from lack of time or knowledge, to the inability to monitor systems effectively. Other cases could show a misuse of privileges or lack of password management. Whatever the scenario might be, as a Windows Sys Admin, you have to be prepared for a plethora of mistakes.

Join Security MVP, Paula Januszkiewicz, in this exciting one hour session and learn more about the commonly seen 'infrastructure sins'. Of course there are more than 10, but if you start to fulfill all of these shown on the session, your network will become significantly more secure! This is a webcast you don't want to miss.

Basic Blocking and Tackling for Defending Against Advanced Targeted Attacks w/ Larry Brock, former CISO at Dupont
February 5, 2015
10am PT/1pm ET

If your company has valuable information (IP, PII, credit card, banking information, etc), you probably have been or soon will be a victim of an advanced targeted attack. Given the large number of high impact notable breaches, many corporate leaders have become aware the threat and are willing to take actions. With the plethora of security solutions, marketing hype and limited budgets, what are the most cost effective things that you should do?

In this webcast, Larry Brock of Brock Cyber Security Consulting and former CISO of DuPont, will review the top breaches, root issues and discuss several actions that companies should do to help defend against these types of attacks. He will also touch on:

  • Addressing the risk of users with administrative privileges
  • Reducing the risk of sharing administrative credentials
  • Protecting what matters
  • Controlling egress from your network
  • Detecting cyber attacks early
  • Discovering your weaknesses
The Risk of Cyber Intrusion from Hackers Through Passwords and Weak Credentials Mistakes w/ Enterprise Security MVPs, Marcus Murray & Hasain Alshakarti
February 24, 2015
9:30am GMT

Marcus and Hasain will demonstrate how hackers can compromise an entire IT environment using password dependencies and weak credentials. This live session will demonstrate an attack starting from compromising a simple client to complete control over an Active Directory Domain.

A not to be missed webcast if you want to understand passing-the-hash attacks and even more sophisticated alternatives used by hackers to gain control over your network. Don't miss the opportunity to see for yourself the potential risks your organisation could be unknowingly exposing itself to.