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Hacks, Breaches, and Vulns, Oh My! Reviewing this Year’s Top Security Events & Planning for 2015 w/ SANS Instructor, Dave Shackleford
December 18, 2014
10am PT/1pm ET

Whew! The year 2014 has been quite a ride for security professionals. We’ve seen major data breaches, huge problems with open source libraries and software, new types of attacks on critical infrastructures and embedded devices, and much more.

Join SANS Instructor and Founder of Voodoo Security, Dave Shackleford for a webcast that will recap some of the most interesting and important security happenings from 2014, with an eye toward what to expect in 2015. He’ll also take a look at some ways you can possibly prevent some of the biggest issues from 2014 from happening all over again next year.

The Few, The Proud, The Privileged: Controlling the Use of Administrator Passwords to Achieve Critical Security Control #12
December 18, 2014
10am PT/1pm ET

If you are like most agencies you are faced with the daily reality that compliance does not equal security. Yet that is the challenge you face when trying to eliminate admin privileges or get control over the use of shared administrator credentials. How do you attain least privilege to improve security while controlling and auditing shared account access to meet compliance objectives? And how do you accomplish all of this as efficiently as possible? Join G. Mark Hardy as he explores the challenges of controlling privileges to balance security and compliance requirements, what the range of options are and how BeyondTrust PowerBroker makes the process simpler and less risky.

Active Directory Recycle Bin: Is it enough? w/ Jeremy Moskowitz, Group Policy MVP
January 7, 2015
10am PT/1pm ET

Did you know you already have a way to restore objects if you (or your team members) inadvertently whack a user, a group or an OU? Maybe you've heard of the Active Directory Recycle Bin, but cannot find it on your servers. Or, maybe you know how to access it, but are unclear about what it can and cannot do.

Join an engaging webcast, led by Group Policy MVP Jeremy Moskowitz of and learn how to use the Active Directory Recycle Bin and see what it can, and cannot do. Then learn from BeyondTrust, how you can increase your ability and protection when Active Directory objects are deleted.

Beyond Root: Securing Privileged Access in Linux w/ Security MVP, Randy Franklin Smith
January 27, 2015
10am PT/1pm ET

Like UNIX, at its core, Linux’s secure model is basicallymonolithic. You either have root access or you don’t.  But root access is too powerful for so many reasons.  And routinely using the actual root account – while easy and still frighteningly common – is so dangerous it borders on negligent.  Auditors know about root and what questions to ask.  In fact some auditors already have their risk findings written up regarding root and privileged access before they even begin assessing your environment.

The good news is that there are a variety of things built on top if Linux to make privileged access more granular, more accountable, more auditable and overall more secure and in this webinar Randy Franklin Smith will show you how root access and least privilege management works in Linux.  You will learn about how administrators can still do their work efficiently without logging on as root.  Randy will show you how sudo work and how you can use sudo to:

  • limit which commands users can execute
  • ensure accountability between admins
  • eliminate logons as root
  • create least privilege profiles that allow people to get their work down without sacrificing security

We will also discuss things like:

  • How to monitor misuse of root access
  • How to protect root accounts and passwords
  • Controlling shell access
  • Auditing logons, commands and other activity

Join us for this technical and practical webinar.  Then learn from BeyondTrust how you can take privileged access control to the next level and implement true least privilege effortlessly across multiple systems from a central point of control.