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Managing Privileged Accounts on Your Server
July 17, 2014
10am GMT/BST

Providing root access to your critical UNIX and Linux servers allows server admins to manage them, but this in itself presents significant risk. Using PowerBroker for Servers UNIX/Linux Edition gives control back to you without reducing administrator productivity.

Attend this seminar and learn how to:

  • Get control of root access
  • Eliminate direct server logins
  • Get fine-grained control over admin tasks
Securing the Business of Healthcare w/ BeyondTrust's Becky Mitchem & Robert Morley
July 29, 2014
11am PDT/2pm EDT

Healthcare organizations face the unique challenge of guarding the privacy and integrity of protected health information (PHI), which has become increasingly lucrative data to cybercriminals. This data must be secured even more stringently than other types of information, to not only protect relationships with customers and patients, but also to meet the strict compliance regulations that every healthcare provider must adhere to.

The BeyondInsight platform provides results-driven reporting and analytics capabilities that bring risk into focus enterprise-wide. During this webinar you will learn how easy it is within the BeyondInsight platform to:

  • Indicate the type of information you need, such as HIPAA, PCI or other compliance report, and define the business context of your assets
  • Receive targeted, relevant and actionable data in a wide variety of report formats, allowing you to meet your specific HIPAA or other compliance mandates
  • Easily create custom metrics to meet the evolving needs of your business
PowerBroker Password Safe 5.2: A New Approach to an Age-Old Problem w/ BeyondTrust Product Manager, Martin Cannard
July 31, 2014
10am PDT/1pm EDT

Over the past several years, we've seen many cases where privileged user accounts were compromised as part of large-scale breaches. Your assets are only as strong as the weakest link, and attackers have shown how shared accounts can be easily exploited to gain unauthorized access.

This webcast will explore privileged account management challenges facing organizations today and highlight how PowerBroker Password Safe v5.2 can help you achieve compliance by controlling access to your business-critical information. You will learn:

  • How asset scanning and auto-discovery can help assess, control and maintain security for privileged accounts
  • How to ensure a positive end-user experience when implementing a password management solution
  • How integrated privilege and vulnerability management can bring greater context to daily security initiatives

Demanding MOAR From Your Vulnerability Assessments & Pen Tests by Ed Skoudis
July 31, 2014
10am PDT/1pm EDT

You pay good money for your vulnerability assessments and penetration tests, right? But are you getting real business value from these projects? Do you ever get the sense that your assessors and pen testers are just phoning it in, checking off boxes, and not really properly helping you improve your security stance? In this lively presentation, Ed Skoudis will provide hugely valuable tips for getting the maximum business value out of your vulnerability assessments and pen tests. With specific recommendations for people procuring such projects as well as for testers themselves, this webcast is chock full of insights for effective scoping, best-of-breed methodologies, potent communications, and just plain getting the most vuln assessment and pen test bang for your buck.

Managing Vulnerability as IT Risk
July 31, 2014
10am GMT/BST

Us IT folk need to get adept at explaining technology in terms that management understand without getting vague. In this session we’ll look at how we can use Retina CS Enterprise Vulnerability Management to reflect our security position in terms of quantifiable risk and less about gut-feel.

Attend this seminar and learn how to:

  • Get the right information to make the right decisions
  • Target the critical vulnerabilities first
  • Demonstrate progress against security objectives
Metodología general y herramientas de cómputo forense para el auditor de sistemas: Un avance de Latin CACS 2014 con Osvaldo Lau C., CISA, CRISC, Internal Audit Quality Assessment (QAR) Director - BDO Consulting
August 6, 2014
12pm ART / 11am EDT / 8am PDT
  • Comprender más sobre una metodología general para la realización de revisiones de cómputo forense por el auditor de sistemas
  • Conocer más sobre los puntos clave de una revisión de cómputo forense
  • Obtener conocimiento sobre herramientas y su uso para investigaciones de cómputo forense
  • Conocer consideraciones principales para el manejo de evidencia digital
The Little JPEG that Could (Hack Your Organization) w/ Cyber Security Manager & Microsoft MVP, Marcus Murray
August 20, 2014
10am PDT/1pm EDT

It’s amazing how easily modern IT environments can be breached and traversed, making exhaustive privilege and vulnerability management programs more critical than ever.

Please join us for a live demonstration of how easy it is for attackers to completely compromise your network during a webinar with Marcus Murray, Cyber Security Manager at TrueSec.

In this awareness session, Marcus Murray will demonstrate a live hack where he uses a specially crafted JPEG picture to circumvent the security mechanisms of a modern Microsoft Windows server 2012R2 Webserver. He will also use this foothold to leverage elevated privileges to expand influence over the entire network and compromise a Windows Server 2012 R2 Domain Controller. You’ll learn:

  • How attackers can use seemingly legitimate files to open the door to your network
  • How unchecked privileged accounts can provide attackers with a free ride to critical systems and data
  • Which countermeasures you can take to increase security in your environment.