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What the Sleeping Security Guard Taught me about Privileged Account Management w/ Drew Maness, Chief Strategist at Cypro Solutions
October 22, 2014
10am PT/1pm ET

A decade ago "Convergence" – the combining of physical and digital security – was heavily debated by the greater Infosec community. Convergence never really took traction. While similar in their tactics; loss prevention and cyber security’s approach to solving their respective problems are different. What could the IT Security professional have to learn from the sleeping security guard?

During this webcast, Drew Maness, Chief Strategist at Cypro Solutions, will discuss how his experience running a dual Loss Prevention and Digital Content Protection program enhanced his approach to cyber security and privileged account management. Drew will walk attendees through the importance of fusing together the concepts of physical security, workflow data classification, least privilege, and vulnerability management.

During this webcast Drew will also discuss:

  • Why identifying workflow and data movements is critical to internal and external risk reduction
  • Understanding the insider threat
  • How physical controls should complement your least privilege strategy
  • How to implement a holistic vulnerability and privilege management blueprint

This webcast is ideal for any IT Security professional interested in practical lessons from the real-life successes (and failures) of a true veteran in the field.

Why Password Authentication is Broken, and How to Fix It w/ Dave Shackleford, SANS Instructor
October 30, 2014
10am PT/1pm ET

At the beginning of August, a news story broke claiming that Russian hackers had stolen over a billion internet passwords. In later weeks, some skepticism was cast on that story in its entirety, but that story is really just another in a long line of password breaches.

This begs the question - why do we keep experiencing these breaches? What impact do they have, and how do we get ahead of this concern? In this webcast with SANS Instructor, Dave Shackleford, we'll examine some of the more high-profile password breaches in the recent year, and look at why these may be happening. We'll also explore how more attention to privileged account and vulnerability management can play a big role in getting a handle on these types of issues in your own environments.

Boost Your IT Security for the Holiday Season
November 6, 2014
9am PT/12pm ET

The holidays are generally a time for family, friends and cheer, but with all of this cheer comes something lurking in the dark; security breaches. As we prepare for the upcoming holiday season, it is imperative for organizations to understand the importance of implementing a security and compliance strategy. The most important components to address are least privilege, auditing, password management, and compliance.

Join this engaging webinar, hosted by Oracle and BeyondTrust, to learn how you can best protect your organization during the upcoming holiday season. By attending this webcast, you'll learn:

  • Why it's important to implement a least privilege strategy this holiday season
  • Understanding your organization’s data security compliance efforts
  • Managing and implementing least privilege with BeyondTrust PowerBroker & Oracle Linux
  • What you can do NOW to beef up your organization’s security & compliance program
Improving Windows Security and User Empowerment w/ Derek Schauland, Microsoft MVP
November 11, 2014
10am PT/1pm ET

With the increase in malware, unintended installations, and the heavy reliance on administrative access on Windows desktops today, Microsoft's User Account Control (UAC) can be a good tool to use in keeping an environment secure against these ever-evolving threats. It's a good start but unfortunately UAC is not perfect.

Join this engaging webcast with Derek Schauland, Microsoft MVP, and learn how you can effectively amp up your Windows desktop security while still empowering users to get their jobs done. Learn how PowerBroker for Windows helps companies work with User Account Control to ensure that employees can access the applications they need without needing it to disable the feature.

Takeaways for this session:

  • Understanding the good and the bad of User Account Control (UAC)
  • See how UAC can work with other solutions to help keep systems secure and allow the empowerment of End Users
  • Be able to explain UAC to others on your team and throughout the organization so key players can see why certain decisions are necessary and why security should be a top priority