Compare Retina Vulnerability Management Solutions

Wondering which vulnerability management solution is right for you? The comparison tables below will help you get started.

About Retina Vulnerability Management Products

With its family of Retina vulnerability management solutions, BeyondTrust provides the most flexible, scalable and effective means for identifying security exposures across diverse IT environments. Retina solutions enable customers to efficiently reduce IT security risks while adhering to security best practices, internal policies, and regulatory compliance requirements. See the tables below to determine which Retina solution might be right for your environment. Feel free to contact us (or +1 800-234-9072) if you need further assistance.

High-Level Feature Comparison

Features* Retina Network
Retina Network Retina Network Unlimited BeyondSaaS Retina CS
Retina CS
License 256 IPs Per
Unlimited Subscription Per
256 IPs Per
Pricing FREE Total Assets $1,200
per Year
Unlimited Network IPs/
per Web Application
FREE Total Assets
Internal Network Assets Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
External Network Assets No No No Yes No No
Unified Vulnerability Assessment Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cloud Scan Connectors No No No No Yes Yes
Automatic Updates Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automated Alerts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Executive Reports Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Remediation Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Regulatory Reporting No Optional Yes No No Yes
SCAP Benchmark Assessments Basic Detailed Detailed No No Full
Personally Identifiable Information Discovery Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
PCI DSS Assessment and Reporting No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Database Scanning No Yes Yes No No Yes
Web Application Scanning No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
SCADA Scanning No Yes Yes No No Yes
Scan Scheduling No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Virtualization Application Assessment Limited Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Centralized Management Console No Optional No Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Device Assessment No No No No Yes Yes
Microsoft Patch Management No No No No Yes Yes
Third Party Application Patch Management No No No No Limited Yes
Distributed Architecture No No No No No Yes
Manage Multiple Scan Engines No No No No No Yes
Agent-based Vulnerability Assessments No No No No No Yes
Endpoint Protection Agents (EPP) No No No No No Yes
Privileged Account Management No No No No No Yes
Password Vaulting Integration No No No No No Yes
Enterprise Data Warehouse No No No No No Yes
Technical Support Forum-Based Phone, Email,
Web Phone, Email,
Forum-Based Phone, Email,
* May Require Additional Licensing

Web Application Scanning Feature Comparison

  Standard Editions of Retina Network Security Scanner and Retina CS Web Essentials + Retina Network or Retina CS; BeyondSaaS Retina Web Security Scanner
    Includes everything in
Retina Network/CS Standard, plus:
Includes everything in Retina Network/CS + Web Essentials and BeyondSaaS, plus: *
  • Web Crawling
  • HTTP Authorization
  • Remediation Recommendations
  • Integrated Network Vulnerability Assessment
  • Web Form Authorization
  • JavaScript Crawling
  • Adjust Performance Settings
  • Whitelist / Blacklist URLs
  • Automatic Form Population
  • Dedicated Web Application Scanner
  • Multiple Report Formats
  • Validation (Single Audit) Applet
  • AJAX Support
  • Single Sign On Authorization
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Structured Information Translator (JSON, REST, AMF, SOAP)
  • Manual Website Training and Recording
  • Reflection Analysis
  • Web Application Best Practice Recommendations
Attack Methods
  • XSS Simple (3 Attack Patterns)
  • Directory Indexing
  • OS Commanding
  • Server / Application Configuration
  • Parameter Fuzzing
  • SQL Injection
  • Blind SQL Injection
  • XSS Comprehensive (Reflection)
  • Authentication Brute Force (HTTP)
  • XSRF (Basic)
  • HTTP Response Splitting
  • XSS Advanced (Persistent and DOM)
  • Authentication Brute Force (Form/HTTP)
  • XSRF (Advanced)
  • File Upload
  • XST
  • Session Strength
  • Java Grinder
  • Resource Location
  • Remote File Include
  • Reverse Proxy
  • Source Code Disclosure
  • Unvalidated Redirect
  • URL Rewriting
OWASP Top 10 Coverage (2013)
Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
Insecure Direct Object References
Security Misconfiguration
Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities
Broken Authentication & Session Management
Sensitive Data Exposure
Cross Site Request Forgery
Missing Functional Level Access Control
Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards
* Integrated network vulnerability assessment not included with Retina Web Security Scanner.