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BT University

BeyondTrust’s commitment to our customer’s success goes beyond the typical vendor/client relationship. To better enable the organizations that rely upon our privileged account and vulnerability management solutions, we have developed a world-class training curriculum to complement our award-winning security and compliance solutions.

BeyondTrust University provides the resources for both customers and partners to maximize the investments they’ve made in our solutions. These courses will teach both basic and advanced techniques on administering and managing the various BeyondTrust solutions.

101 - Administration

  • 101 Curriculum description:This course provides an administrative overview of BeyondTrust products, and is a prerequisite to taking the 201 course. Attendees will be tested at the end of the session and if a passing grade is achieved, attendees will earn a Certificate of Completion and move on to Class 201.

201 - Technical Accreditation

  • 201 Curriculum description: An in-depth look into the BeyondTrust security and compliance technologies. This course is targeted at those advanced users (both customers and partners are invited to attend) who wish to obtain Technical Certification and Accreditation on our products.

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  • Aliso Viejo, CA: May 19 - 22 agenda
    PowerBroker Identity Services "AD Bridge"
    PBIS What is PBIS, and what does it do
    PBIS PBIS User and Group administration
    PBIS PBIS Agent Operations and Troubleshooting
    PBIS AD Concepts for PBIS Admins
    PowerBroker Identity Services "AD Bridge"
    PBIS Intro to PBIS Class 300
    PBIS Advanced PBIS Unix Operations (troubleshooting, logging, fixing)
    PBIS Identity/Migration Planning
    PBIS Advanced AD Concepts for PBIS Admins
    PBIS Security Design Principles
    PBIS PBIS Reporting
    • PowerBroker Identity Services "AD Bridge"
  • Boston, MA: July 22 - 24
    PowerBroker UNIX & Linux
    BI Design and Architecture
    BI Navigation Basics
    BI Auto Rule Generation
    BI Reports
    BI Central Policy
    BI Best Practices
    BI Troubleshooting
    • PowerBroker UNIX & Linux
    • BeyondInsight