Retina Protection Agent

Local vulnerability assessment and zero-day protection for your transient computing systems, and for those which require added levels of protection from today’s complex threats.

Stronger Networks Through Host Based Security

Remote vulnerability assessment will protect most systems, but what about those blocked by firewalls or segregated from the network? What about mobile and offline devices? These are potential gaps that could be exploited.

The Retina Protection Agent (RPA) closes the security gap created by systems that can't be reached with remote vulnerability assessments alone by providing a lightweight agent for local vulnerability assessment, continuous zero-day vulnerability monitoring, and intrusion prevention. Get complete risk discovery even for systems that are offline or disconnected from the network or 'exception' systems that can’t be changed due to external regulations. And, with RPA, you get an additional layer of protection with continuous zero-day vulnerability monitoring and intrusion prevention.

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CA Dept. of Transportation
“Retina significantly improved network security, facilitates security compliance, and continues to be an important solution in the enterprise. - Martin Maxwell” Network Management Team
CA Dept. of Transportation

Enterprise Security Lifecycle

Endpoint Security Lifecycle - Discover

Key Benefits

  • Accurate baseline for all assessment activities
  • Immediate and measurable catalog and inventory of all IT assets – physical, virtual, devices and applications
  • Identification of unapproved assets such as wireless access points

Key BeyondTrust Capabilities

  • Unique "Zero-gap discovery" across physical, virtual, cloud and mobile
  • Remote, Network and Local scanning options
  • Industry’s most accurate cataloging of OS, device, applications, services, ports, users, groups etc.
Endpoint Security Lifecycle - Assessment

Key Benefits

  • Actionable data identifies proper remediation actions, accelerating risk reduction
  • Clear, concise reporting streamlines the classification of most at-risk devices
  • Assessment data can be archived and used for trending analysis

Key BeyondTrust Capabilities

  • Identification of vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, policy violations
  • Support for assessments of all assets across operating systems, applications and configurations
  • Allows for custom audits/assessments for adherence to any unique company requirements
Enterprise Security Lifecycle - Comply

Key Benefits

  • "Operational GPS" directs IT to which actions provide the most risk-reduction benefits
  • Automated reporting on compliance efforts creates consistency and accountability
  • Enterprise policy management and reporting

Key BeyondTrust Capabilities

  • Comprehensive vulnerability assessment with additional contextual knowledge
  • Seamless integration with configuration assessment module, using a certified SCAP engine (60 built-in benchmarks)
  • Additional scanning and reporting modules for regulatory reporting; integrated patch management
Endpoint Security Lifecycle - Optimize

Key Benefits

  • Receive an immediate ‘state of the union’ with regards to your IT landscape
  • Greater efficiency via enterprise-centric capabilities such as role based access, internal auditing, ticketing, and integration with existing infrastructure investments

Key BeyondTrust Capabilities

  • Implement Central Management, Reporting and Logging
  • Role based policy, alert and reporting management
  • Integration with PowerBroker privileged account management solutions


Local Vulnerability

Provides local vulnerability assessment capabilities to close the gap created by systems that can't be reached with a remote vulnerability assessment alone.

Zero-Day Protection and
Intrusion Prevention:

Provides zero-day protection where a vendor has not yet created signatures or patches to protect against vulnerabilities in their operating system or application.


Prevents data leakage by regulating usage of USB and Firewire storage devices, helping demonstrate institutional control for highly-regulated organizations


Provides full visibility into both remote and local vulnerabilities through the Retina CS Management Console and the integrated Retina Insight Threat Intelligence Module.

Why BeyondTrust for Endpoint Protection

  • Increased security through comprehensive local vulnerability scanning
  • Based upon the industry’s most respected vulnerability scanning technology, Retina Network Security Scanner
  • Faster mitigation with risk-level vulnerability prioritization with Retina CS
  • Optimized network performance through non-intrusive scanning
  • Reduce risk and close security gaps with vulnerability assessment for virtual applications
Endpoint Protection

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