Retina Insight Threat Intelligence Module

Actionable security insight, analytics, and trending reporting for dynamic IT infrastructures. Interactive, multidimensional views, delta dashboards with drilldowns allow you to quickly see trends on compliance, vulnerabilities, assets, attacks and more.

Results-Driven Reporting and Analytics: The Secret to Relevant and Actionable Vulnerability Management

Retina’s results-driven reporting and analytics capabilities are unmatched in their ability to bring risk into focus enterprise-wide. Through Retina’s intuitive dashboard interface, you simply indicate the type of information you need, such as an SLA report or a HIPAA compliance report, and define the business context of your assets. Retina then delivers customized, relevant and actionable data in a wide variety of report formats. This allows you to deliver the right information, in the proper context, to the people responsible for measuring and mitigating risk in your organization.

Retina Insight UI
Frost & Sullivan
“ Frost & Sullivan’s opinion, few security products have been able to address the unique threats presented by these technologies and practices. BeyondTrust provides the requisite security functionality to ensure that customers can safely embrace these new technologies” Frost & Sullivan

Enterprise Security Lifecycle

Endpoint Security Lifecycle - Discover

Key Benefits

  • Accurate baseline for all assessment activities
  • Granular asset targeting and analysis regular assessments, risk prioritization and reporting
  • Shared discovery and baseline across BeyondTrust solutions

Key BeyondTrust Capabilities

  • Unique "Zero-gap discovery" across physical, virtual, cloud and mobile
  • Remote, Network and Local scanning options
  • Cataloging of OS, device, applications, services, ports, users, groups etc.
Endpoint Security Lifecycle - Assessment

Key Benefits

  • Actionable data identifies proper remediation actions, accelerating risk reduction
  • Risk scoring streamlines the classification of most at-risk devices
  • Assessment data can be archived and used for trending analysis

Key BeyondTrust Capabilities

  • Identification of vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, policy violations
  • Threat assessments on all assets operating systems, applications and configurations
  • Allows for custom audits/assessments for adherence to any unique company requirements
Enterprise Security Lifecycle - Comply

Key Benefits

  • "Operational GPS" directs IT to which actions provide the most risk-reduction benefits
  • Automated reporting on compliance efforts creates consistency and accountability
  • Enterprise policy management and reporting

Key BeyondTrust Capabilities

  • Comprehensive vulnerability assessment with additional contextual knowledge
  • Integrated configuration assessment using a certified SCAP engine (60 built-in benchmarks)
  • Additional scanning and reporting modules for regulatory reporting; integrated patch management
Endpoint Security Lifecycle - Optimize

Key Benefits

  • Receive an immediate ‘state of the union’ with regards to your IT landscape through Risk Scoring
  • Greater efficiency via enterprise-centric capabilities such as role based access, internal auditing, ticketing, and integration with existing infrastructure investments

Key BeyondTrust Capabilities

  • Implement Central Management, Reporting and Logging
  • Role based policy, alert and reporting management
  • Integration with PowerBroker privileged account management solutions

Benefits to you and your organization

  • Determine what to fix first, what to fix next – and why
  • Prioritize the people, processes, and technology needed to address exposures
  • Predict the return on remediation efforts prior to committing resources
  • Measure the efficacy of vulnerability management processes over time
  • Share results and data in terms and formats relevant to specific audiences

Why BeyondTrust for Enterprise Threat Management

  • Results-Driven Architecture – start by specifying what you want to accomplish, such as generating a PCI compliance report or analyzing vulnerability trends for the year
  • Intelligent Analytics – drive decision-making by running what-if scenarios and analyzing security team capacity to achieve the greatest risk reduction benefits
  • Interactive Results – fluidly interact with assessment results to hone in on data pertaining to a specific audience or business goal
  • 260+ Actionable Reports – quickly generate security, audit and compliance reports for technical and non-technical audiences alike
  • Compliance Reporting – measure adherence to COBIT, GLBA, HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO-27002, ITIL, MASS 201, NERC-FERC, NIST, PCI, SOX, and more
  • Advanced Threat Intelligence – gauge threat severity based on asset scoring, BeyondTrust malware and exploit research, exploit databases, exploitability indices, CVSS (base, temporal and environmental metrics), and more
  • Trending, Deltas, Threat Analyzers and Heat Maps – share vulnerability management progress with executives, compliance auditors, and others
  • Configuration Benchmarking – use an SCAP-certified engine to scan against benchmarks including DISA Gold Disk, SCAP, NIST, FDCC, USGCB, and Microsoft security compliance; customize standard images to match your in-house policies
  • SLA Reporting – measure Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance by threat severity level against dynamic asset groupings
  • Pivot Grid Ad-Hoc Reporting –create customized reports on virtually any data collected by the solution to meet individual business requirements.
  • Third Party Integration – extensive third party integration into leading SIEM, GRC, NMS, and Help Desk Solutions.
Retina Insight Report Styling and Appearance


Configuration Compliance Module

Define and manage security policies to monitor compliance with industry and internally developed benchmarks such as Microsoft, NIST, USBCG, and DISA STIGs.

Regulatory Reporting Module

Automated solutions to help navigate complex corporate policies, government regulations, and industry standards such as SOX, PCI, FISMA, and ISO.

Patch Management Module

Seamlessly integrated, automated, agentless Windows patch management closes the loop on unpatched vulnerabilities.


  • Retina Insight Threat Intelligence Module
    Retina Insight
    Threat Intelligence Module


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