PowerBroker Recovery for Active Directory:
Continuous Backup and Recovery

Instantly roll back unwanted Active Directory changes to any previous state and recover from errors with minimal effort.

Continuous Backup and Efficient Recovery for Active Directory

PowerBroker Recovery for Active Directory provides advanced, continuous object backup technology for an unmatched level of control. The solution stores every object change in a continuous change log, enabling you to instantly roll back unwanted changes to any previous state, right up to the point of the error. You no longer need to worry about losing any changes made by users, administrators or helpdesk staff since the last backup – or wasting hours or days on manual recovery efforts.

  • Minimize the impact of a recovery and recover just what's needed
  • Recover the full tree, a portion of the directory, selected objects, or individual attributes
  • Avoid disrupting end users or affecting other parts of your Active Directory system
  • Maintain business continuity and ensure continuous AD protection
Watch Video: PowerBroker Auditor for Active Directory reveals the who, what, when and where behind changes to AD

Learn how PowerBroker Recovery for Active Directory enables you
to quickly and easily roll back changes to AD

“Their recovery option is our favorite feature. Just a mouse click and everything is back to normal. I was completely flabbergasted that PowerBroker could do that.” IT Manager, Oxbo Corporation

License Exchange Program For Quest®/Dell & Netiq Customers

Endpoint Security

BeyondTrust will offer current Quest/Dell (which includes former NetPro) and NetIQ licensees the opportunity to exchange their auditing, recovery, and event log management software licenses for BeyondTrust PowerBroker Auditor (formerly known as the Blackbird Management Suite) licenses on a seat-for-seat basis.


Agent or Agent-less, Your Call

With PowerBroker Recovery, you’ll never need more than one agent. All Auditor and Recovery modules that do require an agent make use of the same footprint

Ease of Deployment

By way of our modular architecture, one centralized database for all activity, one agent, and one console mean deployments are fast and trouble-free


Any activity or file permission can be tracked, managed and protected from a single console. New modules are easily added —without interrupting workflow


Our Active Directory solutions can easily scale up to any size environment, even if your organization has millions of users and thousands of servers spread across the globe

Why BeyondTrust for Active Directory Recovery

  • Ensures business continuity for critical network resources and applications
  • Minimizes productivity and revenue loss caused by disasters and accidental deletions in your identity and access infrastructure
  • Active Directory, Group Policy and AD LDS (ADAM) support in a single solution
  • Integration with native tools and an online recovery database for simplified operation to minimize downtime
  • Brings users back in minutes, not hours
  • Single online recovery database for one or more Active Directory Forests
  • Single click recovery for deleted Group policy and directory objects
PowerBroker Recovery for Active Directory

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