PowerBroker Privilege Explorer for Active Directory
and File Systems

Tighten Security and Audit Access Management Procedures; Centralized View and Management of
Enterprise-Wide Active Directory and File System Access

Centralized Viewing And Management Of Enterprise Wide Active Directory and File System

Understanding who has access to Active Directory and File System resources is critical to any security or compliance initiative. PowerBroker Privilege Explorer automates the process of security analysis and reporting, providing a scalable and cost-effective way to manage network resources across the enterprise.

PowerBroker Privilege Explorer offers a centralized view of access and privileges, so administrators know who has access to which resources and can see the exposure of your company's sensitive information and intellectual property. With PowerBroker Privilege Explorer, you can be sure that users have access to the resources they need to do their jobs, and only those resources.

Active Directory Privilege Management - File Systems Privilege Software
2012 Government Security Awards
“The 2012 Government Security Awards (or Security Products' GOVIES) honor outstanding government security products.” GOVIES AWARD 2012

License Exchange Program For Quest®/Dell & Netiq Customers

Endpoint Security

BeyondTrust will offer current Quest/Dell (which includes former NetPro) and NetIQ licensees the opportunity to exchange their auditing, recovery, and event log management software licenses for BeyondTrust PowerBroker Auditor (formerly known as the Blackbird Management Suite) licenses on a seat-for-seat basis.


Agent or Agent-less, Your Call

With PowerBroker Active Directory and File System solutions, you’ll never need more than one agent. All Auditor and Recovery modules that do require an agent make use of the same footprint

Ease of Deployment

By way of our modular architecture, one centralized database for all activity, one agent, and one console mean deployments are fast and trouble-free


Any activity or file permission can be tracked, managed and protected from a single console. New modules are easily added —without interrupting workflow


Our Active Directory and File System solutions can easily scale up to any size environment, even is your organization has millions of users and thousands of servers spread across the globe

Why BeyondTrust for Active Directory and File System Privilege Management

  • Reduces the manual labor costs associated with security and compliance reporting
  • Tightens security and audit access management procedures
  • Reveals the exposure of your sensitive information and intellectual property
  • Uncovers where an account or group has rights to ensure they have the appropriate access to the just those resources they need for their jobs
  • Second tier auditing to track the actions of privileged users
  • Examines access changes to users and groups not only as the result of object access control changes, but also as the result of changing group memberships
  • Compares permissions over time with live and historical reporting, or displays current settings
  • Isolates suspect activity quickly and performs root cause analysis using an interactive console to filter for specific users, permissions and resources
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