PowerBroker Auditor for SQL Server:
Change Control and Compliance Reporting

Audits and report changes made to SQL Server data sets, configurations, permissions, and other objects.

Real-Time Auditing and Compliance Reporting For Microsoft SQL Server

For many organizations, SQL Server is the underlying engine for day-to-day operations. The database estate is a complex system that involves many different types of data, configurations and security settings. The daily changes within these databases, across multiple DBAs and operators, makes it nearly impossible today to ensure compliance with government and industry regulations.

A single change can put your critical applications and data at risk—affecting productivity, risking security breaches, and threatening non-compliance. Yet, built-in SQL Server auditing capabilities are cumbersome, cryptic, and lack centralized auditing and reporting. Careful analysis of distributed logs requires enormous resources and still fails to paint the entire picture of SQL activity. PowerBroker Auditor for SQL Server brings a new level of centralized control and ease to SQL Server auditing and compliance.

SQL Server Security Audit - SQL Server Database Auditing Software
“The PowerBroker Management Suite is a formidable set of tools for administrators dealing with Microsoft-centric technologies.” KuppingerCole

License Exchange Program For Quest®/Dell & Netiq Customers

Endpoint Security

BeyondTrust will offer current Quest/Dell (which includes former NetPro) and NetIQ licensees the opportunity to exchange their auditing, recovery, and event log management software licenses for BeyondTrust PowerBroker Auditor (formerly known as the Blackbird Management Suite) licenses on a seat-for-seat basis.


Command and Control for SQL Server

Monitor and review privileged user changes on SQL servers

Accelerated Compliance

Easily map your SQL activities with regulatory mandates such as GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, and PCI through consistent auditing and reporting

Immediate Time to Value

Reduction of manual labor costs associated with security and compliance reporting

Seamless Integration

Integrates seamlessly with Auditor Management suite for before/after comparisons with security changes

Why BeyondTrust for SQL Server Security and Compliance

  • Real-time monitoring of SQL (2005, 2008 and 2012) environments including changes to server configurations, security, databases, etc.
  • An extensive library of security and compliance reports
  • Provides the originating IP address for each change
  • Intelligent auditing that displays a single entry for every event
  • Plain English filtering, searching and reporting at the attribute level
  • Audit event analytics for every object
  • Single-click access to the change log of every SQL Server change event
  • Does not require native event configuration or event logs
PowerBroker Auditor SQL Server Benefits

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