Patch Management Module for Retina CS

It’s more than a Microsoft world when it comes to commonly deployed applications on your network. Remediate those applications as part of your overall vulnerability management strategy with the integrated Patch Management Module for Retina CS.

Remediation Support for Your Business Applications

The vast majority of attacks, even in today’s sophisticated threat landscape, target known vulnerabilities – that is to say, vulnerabilities that have a fix available for them. Effective patch management can go a long way in helping reduce your network's overall attack surface, but to be truly effective, requires prioritization, in addition to broad coverage for business applications.

Seamlessly integrated with our Retina CS solution, BeyondTrust’s Patch Management Module closes the loop on vulnerabilities by providing seamless patching for Microsoft and third-party applications. Integrated, automated, and agent-less, the solution improves the efficiency and effectiveness of patch processes. Your IT Security team can quickly fix weaknesses using instant or scheduled patching, and see the big picture with end-to-end reporting on the entire patch management cycle.

Management Module for Retina CS Diagram
Frost & Sullivan
“ Frost & Sullivan’s opinion, few security products have been able to address the unique threats presented by these technologies and practices. BeyondTrust provides the requisite security functionality to ensure that customers can safely embrace these new technologies” Frost & Sullivan


Seamless Integration
with Retina CS

Easily added to your existing Retina CS deployment, making it available to security, IT and operations teams in a single console

Integrates with Your
Existing WSUS Deployment

Retina CS Patching Module reduces effort and expense by leveraging your existing WSUS infrastructure for non-MSFT applications.


Retina Insight is an advanced reporting engine - included with Retina CS. – which delivers analytics and trending across the threat lifecycle for multi-dimensional reports on assets, vulnerabilities, attacks, and remediation.

Centralized Security

See a single view of security risk information within the IT environment – across all locations and assets.

Vulnerability Management
for Mobile Devices:

Manage and assess Blackberry, Android and ActiveSync-managed devices with the same vulnerability management processes you have for your traditional assets.

Virtual Application

Reduce risk by ensuring virtualized applications are properly discovered, scanned, and included in your standard vulnerability management processes.

Private and Public Cloud Asset Assessment and Security:

Integrate your private and public cloud assets running on Amazon EC2, VMware vCenter, GoGrid or RackSpace into your overall security strategy. Identify risks to your virtual infrastructure as you would your physical assets.

Why BeyondTrust for Patch Management

  • Retina extends WSUS beyond Microsoft applications to provide a single, integrated patching solution for Windows and third-party applications including Adobe and Mozilla (Firefox), and more.
  • Built on the Microsoft WSUS engine that many organizations already use, Retina reduces effort and expense with built-in, automated patch management.
  • Support for Air Gapped Networks Retina CS includes support for disconnected or “Air-gapped” WSUS environments, common in many government deployments.
  • To better prioritize remediation efforts, Retina provides an integrated, automated solution for approving and tracking patch deployments.
  • Target devices and view missing and available patches. For critical assets, use "Patch Now" to reduce the attack surface without waiting for the next scheduled patch update.
  • Out-of-the-box reporting gives you options such as patch availability reports, targets requiring patch, patch deployment results, and more.
  • Integrated data warehouse and business intelligence provide executive and operational views into patch processes.
  • Integrate information from Regulatory Reporting and Configuration Compliance Modules to prioritize patch management based on risk profile.
Patch Management

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