Virtual Assets Could Bring Real Risk

BeyondTrust + VMware

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The number and severity of virtualization vulnerabilities is increasing. Vulnerability management for virtualized applications is critical to the overall security of an organization, but can be challenging because its difficult to:

  • identify vulnerability management in VMware, ThinApp, applications even when they aren’t executing
  • manage vulnerability management with HyperVisor and Guest even if the images are powered off
  • provide Context-Aware Security Intelligence with Retina plug-in for VMware vCenter

BeyondTrust's solutions help discover, assess and remediate risks in the virtual infrastructure, across both vulnerabilities and privilege. By providing actionable insights into both vulnerabilities and privilege, BeyondTrust is able to dramatically reduce the risks associated with virtual environments. This lowers your overall costs associated with your virtualization investment, while accelerating your compliance reporting requirements.

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  • Learn to detect & scan virtual apps when they are not executing
  • Learn to identify where virtual apps have been executed across the enterprise
  • Learn to identify the vulnerabilities associated with the packaged applications

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Vulnerability Management

Retina is the Industry's first and only vulnerability management solution directly integrated into vCenter. The solution contains all the integrated security and threat management tools needed to effectively identify and remediate the network vulnerabilities that lead to exposure and malicious attacks.

  • Accurately discovers all the assets managed by the vCenter server, including on and offline images
  • Performs comprehensive vulnerability scanning with detailed risk intelligence for ESXi and virtual machines
  • Scheduling scans to automatically update the vCenter console with centralized compliance and risk information
  • Unique capabilities to scan online and offline virtual images and virtualized application templates (ThinApp packages)
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Privileged Account Management

PowerBroker Virtualization provides a dedicated solution for delegating root tasks and authorization in virtualized datacenter environments without ever disclosing the highly sensitive root password. PowerBroker adapts to the increasing scale and complexity of rapidly changing virtual and cloud environments, allowing for secure and efficient deployment and expansion within any IT infrastructure. PowerBroker includes a highly flexible policy language enables enterprises to dictate permissions for users down to the most granular level, extending to any command executable on guest operating systems as well as hypervisor hosts.


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BeyondTrust Survey Reveals Virtual Insecurity among Organizations
As an answer to industry challenges identified in the survey, the company has released Retina Plug-in for VMware vCenter